Archiving with Outlook XP

Outlook XP has a feature called AutoArchive which will allow you to save space and at the same time retain all of your important emails. The process is very easy and we will show you how to do it.

Step 1. Click on Tools then Options.

Step 2. The Options box will pop up and look like the picture below. Click on Other.

Step 3. Once the Other box comes up click on AutoArchive like shown:

Step 4. Once at the AutoArchive box make sure the options checked match this picture and that you have your Move old items location set to H:\archive.pst. Incase the picture isnt showing the options which should be checked are "Run AutoArchive every 14 days, Delete expired items, Archive or delete old items, Show archive in folder list. Clean out items older than 6 months and Move old items to: H:\archive.pst"

Click OK and then OK again and you are done.